Hope Lives Here, LLC is a 501c3 non-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We are here to help people struggling with loss to heal their hearts and build hope.

Our mission, vision, beginning story and our services below paint a picture that Hope Lives Here was build upon the foundation of loss, compassion, healing and hope which we strive to share with you.

"Each person's grief journey is unique as a fingerprint or a snowflake.     ~ Earl Grollman

Our Mission & Vision

Hope Lives Here will be a place of comfort for adults in times of loss. Hope Lives Here will strive to help people make connections with others who are also struggling with loss by providing support in the form of outreach, peer to peer (one-on-one) support, groups (meditation groups, support groups, etc.)

Hands Up

Our Beginning

Patty Inwood came up with the idea of Hope Lives Here after the loss of her own son, Luke, to suicide in April 2015. The Inwoods were immediately surrounded by an outpouring of love and support which eased their heartache and helped to move them forward. In the years to follow, Patty realized that not everyone had that same network and wanted to create a space in her community where others who were hurting from loss could come together and feel less alone.

The result was Hope Lives Here.

Our Services

At Hope Lives Here we want to help you find the best way to heal your heart and make connections. Currently, we have four monthly support group meetings: Two General Loss Meetings, an Addiction Loss Meeting, and a meeting centered around Child Loss. Resources, including a lending library, are also available at our location in Holden. Social media is another way to receive our daily messages of hope and understanding. Facebook is where many of our clients find support, both on the public page and also within our Private Facebook Group. Alternative therapies such as trauma-based yoga are also available.


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